Thompson & King
300 South Towers Street
Anderson, SC 29624
Telephone: 864-202-4601
Toll Free: 800-769-0112
Fax: 864-222-0201
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On Wednesdays at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m., we block off two hours for group seminars at no charge.

  • First we show a 20-minute video overview of bankruptcy
  • Then there is a 30-minute presentation by Robert B. King, Jr.
  • And finally a 15-minute private meeting to answer your questions and discuss your case

During the meeting with you to discuss your case and answer your questions, we will need some background information. Please bring the following with you (while not required, it will make your visit more meaningful):

Income documentation (spouse included if married, even if he or she is not filing)

  • Most recent pay stub (best if year-to-date is on it)
  • Most recent tax return, W2 or 1099
  • Estimate of any other money coming into household

Other information we need (estimates needed only)

  • List of all land you own
  • List of all vehicles in your name
  • Estimate of market value of all land and vehicles
  • How much is owned on house/land
  • How much owed on vehicles
  • How much you owe on credit cards
  • How much you owe on medical bills
  • List of any other debts (not living expenses or utilities)
  • Write down any specific questions you have and bring that with you