Serving Clients Throughout Upstate South Carolina

Serving Clients Throughout Upstate South Carolina

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Anderson Disability Hearing Lawyers

If you have had your initial claim for Social Security benefits denied, the next part of the process, after a request for reconsideration, is a disability hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). At this disability hearing, you will have your first chance to communicate in person to someone who has a direct impact over the final ruling on the disability claim. It is easy to be unsure about this type of hearing, given the importance of the outcome and the length of time that you can wait for a hearing.

At the law firm of Thompson & King, we understand how important these hearings are and that it is crucial to correctly and strongly present your case. In order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, we will prepare you for the types of questions that you will likely be asked and eliminate the number of surprises that may arise at your hearing.

Get Experienced Attorneys For Your Case

At your administrative disability hearing, it is likely that you will be asked about your work history, the jobs that you have held in your life, the treatments that you are receiving, the doctors that you have seen and the way that your disabilities are impacting your life. You need to answer these questions completely and honestly.

At Thompson & King, an experienced lawyer will represent you and help you set out the truth of your case to give you the best chance to win at the hearing level. We will make sure that you are as prepared and as comfortable as possible.

Learn more information regarding your disability hearing and how we can assist you by contacting our firm as soon as possible. Call our Anderson office at 864-202-4601 to make an appointment.