Serving Clients Throughout Upstate South Carolina

Serving Clients Throughout Upstate South Carolina

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SSD/SSI Procedures & Appeals Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you have been denied a Social Security disability benefits claim, the appeals process can be quite complicated and difficult to navigate. An experienced Social Security Disability claim attorney can help you through this process and ensure that you have a successful outcome to your application.

At the law firm of Thompson & King, attorney Richard Thompson has handled hundreds of SSD and SSI cases. He understands the process and can help you piece together your case in a way that meets the Social Security Disability guidelines. To see how we can help you with your application or appeal, please contact our South Carolina law firm.

What You Need To Know About Filing An Appeal:

  • Time is limited. You may only have 60 days to file an appeal and request reconsideration. Failing to meet this deadline could mean that you have to restart your application process.
  • You will first need to ask for reconsideration of your case. A member of the SSA who was not a part of your initial case provides a complete review the decision. New evidence may be considered at this step.
  • You will have a hearing by an administrative law judge.
  • If you are denied again by the administrative law judge, you can have your case reviewed by the Appeals Council. The Appeals Council does not have to review your hearing decision.
  • The final stop for your appeal is a review by a federal court. You have 60 days to bring your case to federal court.

If your claim is denied, the SSD appeals process can extend for a long period, keeping you from the benefits you need. Richard works diligently through each step and helps you understand the criteria necessary for a successful appeal. If you are suffering from a disability and are a Veteran, you may also have a Veteran’s Administration claim.

Please contact our Social Security Disability lawyer for a CONSULTATION. We can help you request reconsideration and fight your disability claim denial.

We DO NOT charge you any fees unless we secure SSD benefits for you.