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Can debt collectors use social media to harass you?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Bankruptcy

If you are like many Americans, you love to use social media to connect with your friends, family members and even strangers. As a business owner, you also may rely on social media to find new customers and maintain existing ones. Still, if you have delinquent debts, you may wonder if debt collectors can use social media to try to convince you to pay.

The simple answer is yes. If your creditors have turned your outstanding debt over to a collections agency, it is possible for debt collectors to contact you through social media. Still, they may not use social media to harass you.

What debt collectors can do

According to the Federal Trade Commission, debt collectors can contact you through a variety of means, including the telephone, e-mail, text messages or social media. When contacting you, the collections agency should identify itself. It should also tell you what debt you owe and how you can pay it.

What debt collectors cannot do

Even though debt collectors can reach out to you through social media, they cannot make your debts public on social media. Therefore, rather than posting to your public profile, they must send you a private or direct message.

If a debt collector is harassing you on social media, you probably can take steps to stop the harassment. For example, you may be able to send a letter to the collections agency demanding an end to the harassing tactics.

Ultimately, though, if you worry about debt collectors contacting you on social media, it may be time to explore bankruptcy or some other debt-relief option.