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Commonly overlooked veteran’s benefits

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2023 | VA Benefits

In recognition of their sacrifices and service, veterans receive an array of benefits from the United States government. These benefits aim at supporting veterans and their families after their military service.

However, not all veterans utilize these benefits to their full extent. Some benefits often go overlooked, underutilized or even unknown.

Education benefits beyond the GI Bill

While the GI Bill is the most recognized education benefit for veterans, others exist that can provide additional support. For example, the Veterans Educational Assistance Program offers to match contributions made by veterans into an education fund, significantly increasing available funds for education.

Long-term care coverage

Many veterans do not realize that they may be eligible for long-term care benefits, which can cover the costs of nursing homes, assisted living facilities or home health care. The Aid and Attendance program is a specific benefit for veterans needing assistance with activities of daily living and can significantly offset the costs of long-term care.

Mortgage help and housing grants

Veterans have access to home loan programs that provide favorable terms, but they may not be aware of the additional housing assistance available. For instance, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers grants for veterans with certain disabilities to construct or modify homes to fit their needs.

Life insurance

Veterans have access to life insurance programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs, including the Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance programs. These programs provide life insurance options that can be challenging to secure in the private market, especially for veterans with service-connected health issues.

Free tax preparation

Free tax preparation services are available to veterans through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offices on military bases. This service provides a valuable resource to help veterans navigate the complexities of tax laws and maximize their refunds.

Understanding and accessing these often-overlooked benefits can greatly enhance the quality of life for veterans and their families. It is essential for veterans to research and engage with veteran service organizations to ensure they are taking full advantage of the benefits earned through their dedicated service.