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Common reasons the VA might deny disability benefits claims

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2024 | VA Benefits

Many veterans seek compensation for disabilities they incurred during their service. As with many things, going through the process can be tricky.

Unfortunately, denials from the Veterans Administration are not uncommon.

Incomplete medical documentation

One reason for denial is insufficient medical evidence supporting the claimed disabilities. The VA requires detailed medical records showing a direct link between the disability and military service. Missing or incomplete documentation can hurt the approval process.

Lack of service connection

To qualify for VA disability benefits, veterans must establish a connection between their current disability and their time in the military. Sometimes, veterans fail to provide adequate evidence of this.

Pre-existing conditions

Veterans may have pre-existing conditions that worsened during their service. However, the VA might determine that the disability existed before enlistment or that military service did not aggravate it. In these situations, the VA might deny benefits.

Failure to attend medical examinations

The VA may require veterans to undergo medical examinations to evaluate their disabilities. Missing these appointments without valid reasons can result in benefits denial. Attend all scheduled examinations and cooperate fully with health care providers.

Inconsistencies in documentation

Veterans’ medical records might have discrepancies or inconsistencies. So might their service records or statements.

Lack of a clear diagnosis

Clear and specific diagnoses are necessary to establish eligibility for VA disability benefits. Without a proper diagnosis that medical evidence supports, the VA may deny the claim.

Failure to meet time limits

Veterans must file their disability claims within certain time limits after leaving military service. Missing these deadlines can lead to benefits denial.

Understanding these common reasons for VA disability benefits denials can help veterans better navigate the claims process.