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Unraveling myths about veteran’s benefits

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | VA Benefits

As a veteran, you have made sacrifices to serve and protect the country. In return, you have access to a variety of benefits designed to assist you throughout your post-service life.

Unfortunately, misconceptions about veteran’s benefits can create confusion and lead to underutilization. Debunking common myths about veteran’s benefits will help you take full advantage of the resources available to you.

Myth: Veteran’s benefits are only for those injured in service

Many people believe that veteran’s benefits are only for those who suffered physical injuries during their service. However, this is not true. VA benefits cover a range of services including healthcare, education and housing assistance, regardless of whether you suffered a service-related injury.

Myth: You cannot use VA benefits if you did not serve in combat

It is a common misconception that only combat veterans can access VA benefits. The truth is, most veteran’s benefits are available to all those who served on active duty, regardless of whether their service involved combat.

Myth: Veterans cannot receive VA benefits if they have other insurance

Some veterans do not take advantage of VA benefits because they believe that having other health insurance makes them ineligible. This is not the case. Veterans can use VA healthcare benefits in addition to other health insurance.

Myth: Using veteran’s benefits uses up resources meant for more deserving veterans

A misguided notion exists that if you use your veteran’s benefits, you are taking resources away from veterans in greater need. However, VA benefits are not a limited resource. Every veteran has earned these benefits through their service.

Myth: All veteran’s benefits are automatically granted upon discharge

Many veterans assume they will automatically receive their benefits upon discharge. This is not the case. Veterans need to apply for benefits and each benefit program has specific eligibility requirements.

Myths about veteran’s benefits can deter veterans from utilizing the resources they have earned. It is important to seek accurate information and not let these misconceptions stop you from getting the assistance you deserve.